Jawani Zindabad

Jawani Zindabad is an Indian romantic film directed by Arun Bhatt. This film was released in 1990, starring by Aamir Khan and Farha Naaz.

It was released on August 17, 1990 and turned out to be Below Average at the box office.


Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin

imgresDeewana Mujh Sa Nahin is a Bollywood movie produced in 1990. The film was an Average success at the box office, even though it took a good opening and was expected to be a hit.

Ajay Sharma (Aamir Khan) is a¬†photographer, Anita (Madhuri Dixit) is a model, both of them work for the same agency. Ajay has fallen in love with Anita, and thinks that she is also in love with him. But Anita only takes him for a friend. She gets engaged to Vikram (Jainendra), and the marriage is to take place soon. Ajay still believes that Anita loves him, and he also starts making preparation for his marriage with Anita. Anita must now take appropriate steps to stop Ajay’s obsession with her, before the matter gets out of hand. However Anita realizes the person whom she is marrying does not love her and the situation turns such that she realizes Ajay’s love for her and the film ends on happy note. Though the film contained the hit pair of Aamir and Madhuri, it crashed miserably at the box office.

Tum Mere Ho

large_2a25cbe7da_TumMereHoTum Mere Ho is a Bollywood movie released in 1990 starring Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla and directed by Tahir Hussain.
Before the movie was released it was expected that movie would do well as Khan and Chawla were starring in it.

Shiva (Aamir Khan) is blessed with magical snake-charming powers. When he meets Paro (Juhi Chawla) from a nearby village, he falls head-over-heels in love with her. She is also attracted to him. But Paro’s father, Choudhry Charanjit Singh, is not pleased with this match, and he hires men to subdue and kill Shiva, all in vain. Then Shiva attempts to rescue Paro from a shapeshifting snake, and this earns him the wrath of his mate – another shapeshifting snake, who will not rest until Shiva is dead.

The film crashed at the box office. The critics did not appreciate the story and ultimately the film failed to do well in any area.

Awwal Number – Not so like Aamir :(

imagesAwwal Number is a 1990 film directed by Dev Anand. The film features the then 67-year-old Dev Anand himself with Aamir Khan.

The story revolves around cricket where a new star Sunny (Aamir Khan) has been included in the team in place of another famous star Ronny (Aditya Pancholi). All this creates hatred in the heart of Ronny against Sunny, although Sunny respects him. Ronny decides to take revenge on Sunny; meanwhile a terrorist decides to put a bomb in the field where a match is to be organised between India and Australia.
DIG Vikram Singh (Dev Anand) comes to know about the plan of the terrorists and his brother and goes on to prevent the attack, saving thousands of lives. Sunny also becomes a star by playing a match-winning stroke for the country.